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Home Plans

Do what you want now that you have the speed to stream in HD, game online and upload to the cloud?

Get connected to our network and super speeds from the comforts of your home!


Package Allocation Price
Home 5 3GB Peak; 2GB Offpeak K100
Home 10 3GB Peak; 7GB Offpeak K170
Home 15 5GB Peak; 10GB Offpeak K250
Home 20 5GB Peak; 15GB Offpeak K320
Home 30 10GB Peak; 20GB Offpeak K530
Home Unlimited 40GB Peak; Unlimited K999


Office Plans

Office plans are data bundles suitable for your home or small office. Reliable data speeds and uptime of up to 99.6 per cent availability. Sign up today and get connected today.


Package Allocation Price
Office 20 20GB K330
Office 30 30GB K550
Office 40 40GB K650
Office 50 50GB K850
Office 60 60GB K950
Office 80 80GB K1,000
Office 100 100GB K1,350
Office Unlimited Unlimited K1,999


SME Plans


Package  No. Of Users
SME StartUp 3 K1,799
SME Lite 5 K1,999
SME Office 7 K2,799
SME Professional 9 K3,999
SME Business 11 K4,799
SME Business Plus 13 K5,999
SME Corporate 15 K7,999

Your business can get unlimited internet connectivity to last you a fulll month. Sign up for any this service today.